10 Dec 17 | How about unwrapping me this Christmas?

“An incredible story I could not put down – a great insight into the makings of a true legend.”

Not my words, those of one of the five-star reviews of my book Strongman: My Story on Amazon. Actually, my autobiography, telling the story of my rise to the position of World’s Strongest Man, has got 95 per cent five star reviews on Amazon. What can I say? It’s a belting good read!

I never thought I’d be so associated with Christmas - although stick me in a suit and a big white beard and I can see there’s a resemblance - but this year, what with being on TV on World’s Strongest Man AND having my book out, I can see I’m going to be popping up in more than a few living-rooms.

It’s great to see the end product on World’s Strongest Man but if you want to see what got me there, the battles I had to go through, the sacrifices I made, then you might want to read Strongman before sitting down to the other stuff on Channel 5.

I’ve said it before, but I’m really proud to see my book on the shelves. I’m a bloke who was struggling to make a dream come true, working under trucks, not long ago. Now I’m the World’s Strongest Man and have got a bestselling book to my name.

I never really know what to say when people describe me as an inspiration. But I suppose it shows what can happen with dedication and hard work.

When it comes to my story, I’m happy to be found under your Christmas tree if you want me!

How about unwrapping me this Christmas?
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