18 Dec 18 | A Christmas and New Year message from Eddie

When I set out down this road, my main vision was to become known as the strongest man on earth. That I achieved that goal means everything to me. But it’s not about a trophy on the mantlepiece or an entry in Wikipedia. It’s not even about meeting Holly Willoughby!

What matters to me is that I have shown that we need to believe in people mentally as well as physically. We need to be aware that even the strongest, like me, will often have another unseen side to them. And that side will remain unseen unless we bust the myth about men and mental illness.

The other thing that matters to me is that I have made my life work not just for me, but for my family. I’m a normal guy from a normal background. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, before people backed my own belief I was working everyday underneath trucks.

My ambition then was to provide for my family. I’m like any other dad. I want them to have the best life they can possibly have. That means me working exceptionally hard for the next few years. But why wouldn’t I want to do that? Yes, there’s nowhere I’d ever rather be than curled up on the settee with my wife and kids, but I’m also stretching myself in ways I never thought imaginable. There’s every chance that 2019 will see me become a movie actor, that’s on top of several other really exciting TV projects.

You know, being strong isn’t everything. If I wasn’t (hopefully!) a decent person, no-one would ever want to engage with me. I’ve only ever tried to come across as myself and thankfully people seem to like that. Being me has taken me as far as being World’s Strongest Man.

As we head into 2019, I’d like to make that my message. Be Yourself – Be Confident.

Give it a go. You might just be surprised where you find yourself in a year from now.


Have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


Big Love

The Beast

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