09 Dec 17 | World’s Strongest Man 2017 TV dates confirmed

So much has happened since then that in some ways the battle for the title of World’s Strongest Man seems a world away. It isn’t, of course. It’s actually just a few months since those epic few days in Botswana. And it’s going to be a weird feeling reliving it all on TV this Christmas - a weird feeling but hopefully a lot less painful! It’ll feel a lot better watching it from the settee!

Nothing will stop me from reliving those amazing few days – we’ll all be watching in the Hall household that’s for sure - and it’s one for everyone in the UK to get in the diary now Channel 5 has released an early sniff of its Christmas menu.

World’s Strongest Man 2017 will air over six consecutive nights at 8pm from Weds Dec 27 to Sat 31, and then 7pm for a special Grand Final show on New Year’s Day.

I’ve been watching this show since I was a kid and so to see myself on it, as the World’s Strongest Man, will be pretty incredible. It was always my dream, and I can only thank all those who have helped me make it happen. That includes all of you – who have supported me all the way. It’s easy to say you made the difference, but I mean it, you really did.

So when I’m sitting there over Christmas watching World’s Strongest Man, it’ll be extra special knowing that my fans are out there watching it with me. I’d have you round but there’s not much room round our place as it is!

Have a great Christmas – I had my present back in May!

World’s Strongest Man 2017 TV dates confirmed
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