04 Dec 18 | I'm changing - and you can change too!

I’VE got a lot of ambitions. To fulfil them, I can’t, quite literally, be the man I used to be.

I took myself to the edge of 30-stones for one reason and one reason only – to lift the title of World's Strongest Man. I was never going to stay that weight forever. It simply isn’t long-term healthy or sustainable. You don’t see many 30-stone blokes wandering around for nothing. Carrying that large a weight is a huge strain on a person’s frame and organs.

I was never obese – my body was specifically honed to support power and muscle – but the issue of weight remains. The human body was not designed to be that large year after year. And anyway, we were spending a fortune on roast chickens!

There is also the issue of discomfort. It is me carrying that weight. Me. I had to be one of the strongest guys in the world just to live. That cannot go on forever.

Reading this you might imagine I’ve shrunk to the weight of Dot Cotton. Make no mistake, I’m still a big guy. But I’m a guy whose weight is in proportion with his needs. One who is combining supreme fitness and strongman training with other areas of life.

That’s why I’ve lost 70lbs in the last year. That’s five stones – hardly an insignificant amount. How have I done it? By getting out on my bike, as well as boxing, swimming, and weight-training. Those are all things I love. If you want to get fit and lose weight don’t ever incorporate something you don’t like – you’ll never do it.

The result has not just been visual. I feel so much better all over in myself. I’m more alert, sleep better, and feel as if I’m in touch with myself and those around me. I’m appreciating the world rather than just being part of it, if that makes sense!

You don’t have to be an athlete to take a different lifestyle onboard. It’s there for everyone. It's amazing how small changes are right there in our grasp but we just don’t make the leap and take them. Ditch your morning coffee, for instance, and replace it with an orange juice. Try a more healthy cereal. You will feel differently just from these minor tweaks to your daily routine.

None of us need to be stuck in a body that doesn’t work for us. Keep tuning into my website and I’ll keep giving you tips for a healthier body and mind.


Take care all.


Big love


The (slightly smaller) Beast.


I'm changing - and you can change too!
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