09 Nov 17 | What a month! Thanks to you all!

I’ve signed a lot of books this past month! And I’ve loved it. Reaction to Strongman has been incredible. Sales have gone through the roof and meeting so many of you at all the book signings I’ve done at WH Smith branches across the land has been magnificent. I’d have bench-pressed a few of you if I’d had time!

With the signings as well as media appearances and ‘An Evening With’ type events, I’m spending a lot of time on the road. That can mean a few more services sandwiches than I might like! But all in all I still manage to look after myself. I never forget that it was hard work and determination that got me where I am. I never lose sight of that fact. I’m not about to let it all go now.

I’m used to being recognised most places I go. Well, when you’re 6ft 5ins and 30 stones it’s hard to shrink into the background! Not that I want to. I always love meeting my fans.

What I do notice, though, is when I’m in a motorway services or wherever, people will often notice me but leave it at that. They can see I’m just a busy person, like everyone else in there, getting a bite to eat or nipping to the toilet. I’m just another face in the crowd – albeit a pretty big one!

I’ve always felt the love and support from my fans but the last few weeks have been incredible and I’d like to thank everyone for making it such a special time. I’m still Eddie Hall – I don’t feel any different, but to know people are backing me and supporting me the way they have is a pretty special feeling.

From the bottom of my heart – thanks to you all.



What a month! Thanks to you all!
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