09 Oct 17 | Sharing a settee with Piers Morgan!

I’ve had a few early starts down the years, but the only part of breakfast television I’ve ever really enjoyed is the breakfast!

It’s all happening this week, though. My book Strongman being launched has sent me on a string of media interviews and book signings. On Wednesday, Oct 18, I’ll be on the set of Good Morning Britain – sat there, not lifting it up – with their early morning team, including Piers Morgan.

It’s one of the quirks of the job that you do get to meet some pretty amazing and high profile people, and they certainly don’t come much more high profile than Piers. We’ll see what he knows about the strongman scene, and I’ll try to make sure I don’t break anything. I’ve mangled a good few chairs this year already!

The next day, I’m booked into Radio 2 so listen out for me as one of Chris Evans’ guests on his breakfast show. At least on radio it doesn’t matter how knackered you look!

Some people in sport don’t like all the attention that comes with being the best at what you do. It’s never bothered me. It’s all part of it. I look at the amount of people, a million, who follow me on social media, and all I see is the amazing support of a fantastic army of people. I’ve always enjoyed meeting fans and sharing stories with them. TV and radio appearances just allow me to meet a lot of them at once!

I also understand that people have a natural curiosity about a bloke knocking 30-stones who can lift incredible weights, perform superhuman feats. By meeting people I can show them I’m an ordinary person. That’s what I am – an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

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Sharing a settee with Piers Morgan!
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