06 Jul 18 | Book out in paperback - with extra content!

IT was a big thing for me releasing my book at the end of last year. I’m just a normal lad from a normal background. I never thought my face would be peering out from the shelves in WH Smith.

I’m incredibly proud of the book, but there was one strange fact about it. When it was first released, in October last year, it didn’t have the story of me winning the World’s Strongest Man in it. The TV show of the competition is never shown until Christmas and so I was contractually restricted in what I could say before it aired.

Now, however, the paperback version has just been released, with the whole unedited story of how I did it, what it was like, and what went on behind the scenes.

Already the release has gone down really well. Understandably, people are interested to hear my thoughts and views on the final, while also catching up on the ups and downs of my journey to the top.

There are, of course, more chapters in my life to come that not even I know what the content will be. What I do know is that winning World’s Strongest Man has opened some incredible doors for me. Stepping inside has taken me to new and incredible places. Maybe one day I’ll write about all that as well.

In the meantime, I’m so proud to have a book out there telling my story so far. Grab a copy and see the real Beast.

Book out in paperback - with extra content!
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