17 Apr 18 | Log press world record will be mine!

I WAS disappointed to miss Europe’s Strongest Man at the start of the month. I had to pull out of the show because I tore ligaments in my ankle, as confirmed by a specialist MRI scan.

I picked up the injury in possibly the most unglamorous way imaginable - I stepped on a doormat at my mum and dad’s house and it slipped from underneath me. Naturally, I prefer to tell people I did it fighting with bears!

The medics wanted to put me in a plaster cast but I refused because I wouldn’t have been able to do the log press – the one part of the Europeans I could still take part in, and my big target for the year.

The log press world record has been held by Zydrunas Savickas for the last 15 years. No-one has been able to take it off him and he’s increased it by a kilo every year.

My goal by the end of 2018 is to make sure I take that record for myself, and I was looking at upping it to 230kg. The idea at the Europeans was to do the log press and then strap up the injury again - it should heal 100 per cent so long as I don’t go over on it again.

But the log press isn’t easy. The idea is simple – lift the log from the floor to overhead. But it’s shape and unusual grip makes it a difficult technique to master, far more unwieldy than a traditional barbell.  

Sadly, I wasn’t able to reach the mark but in the two attempts I made I was so close. The margin couldn’t have been finer. I was so disappointed. The support in Leeds was tremendous and as I said on the day I’ve never set myself a target and not delivered.

it won’t stop me looking to take the record later in the year. People should never underestimate me. I’m a competitive man and when I set my focus on something I don’t stop until I’ve achieved it. I’ve shown that many times before, and I’ll show it again. I will take that record.

When that chance comes I’ll keep you posted. Always great to have you in my corner. It means more than you can ever imagine.

We will persevere!

Stay healthy,

The Beast

Log press world record will be mine!
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