03 Jul 18 | 'Better than Big Brother!' - Eddie spends a week with celebs in Belfast

I’M in Belfast this week, and the exciting times roll on. I’m in Northern Ireland filming a TV show to be aired later this year on Channel 5.

With Love Island not plumping for me, this is a show where I’ll be sharing company for a week with people of a different kind. I can’t say too much, but we’re talking me sharing some space with a few celebrities – don’t worry, it’s a step up from Big Brother. The result will be a five or six episode series and I think it’s going to be great viewing.

I’ve been getting around a bit with the TV work. I also went on This Morning with Holly and Phil which was a great experience. I can confirm they were both as straight up and nice as they come across on TV. It was a special day, rounded of when I lifted them both up, one on each arm. Fantastic.

It’s inevitable that now I’m not competing as much, people will see me in front of the cameras more. I’m happy with that as it allows me to show a different side of my character – the fully rounded Eddie if you like.

I don’t know if people are surprised to see a side of me that’s a little more mellow and considered, but it was inevitable that was always in there. I could never be that full-on figure people see on TV all the time. No-one has that much energy.

As time passes, I hope people will see me not just as an incredible competitor – and that person will always be with me – but as a human being.

Never forget though that I’m still Eddie Hall. Still The Beast. That part of me will live forever.

'Better than Big Brother!' - Eddie spends a week with celebs in Belfast
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